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Algo Trading: The 1-O-1

Electronic trading in the last decade has laid the foundation for increased use of technology in the financial markets. If a trader’s mind can...
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Basics of Financial Trading

In finance, trade is typically an exchange of a financial security (share, bond, etc.) with cash. (To understand more around how financial securities are...
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Pivoting in a Start-up

The business plan in a start-up evolves very frequently. Mostly the market, customers, product requirements would move in an ever changing world during execution...
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Failure in a Start-up

Every start-up has some objectives. Success, though subjective, is one of the core reasons why many start-ups come into existence. While it is useful...
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Inspiring the Start-up team

A start-up’s success is mostly directly linked to the combined performance of its team. Hiring a good  team is important,  but how they collaborate...
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Questions you can ask a Start-up before Joining

If you have worked in larger organizations for some time, you would realize how much political it gets and how your growth gets limited...
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