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Administrative Challenges of Running a Start-up in India

Challenges of running a start-up in India: India ranks around 130th in the world bank rankings of world bank’s ease of doing business Index. It...
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Financial Institutions

Understanding the Investment Landscape Other than Investment Banks, there are other financial institutions in the market that play a big role. Below is a...
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Securitisation: The 1-O-1

Securitisation has been a key factor in the rise of financial services businesses and it poorly managed sub-prime loans distributed across the world through...
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The Rise of Investment Banking in the Last 3 Decades

The Rise of Investment Banking Investment Banking has offered one of the best paid jobs and it’s questionable whether the Bankers did enough for...
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Board of Directors/Advisors for a Start-up

As a start-up, you may chose to have a Board of Advisors and Directors. It’s not a necessity but definitely adds credibility and experience...
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Creating a Team of Software Engineers in India

Hiring software engineers in Indian start-ups: India has millions of software engineers from good educational backgrounds and reasonable work experience. This headline is well sold...
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