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Insights into hypes and myths of Bitcoin value rise

One of the biggest bankruptcy in history of modern financial world took place in September, 2008 when hundreds of business suits dressed employees left...
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Bitcoin: The Story for 2021 and Beyond

To understand the future of Bitcoin, we need to delve a little into its past.  After the 2008 financial crisis, when people lost trust...
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How Indian Start-up ecosystem will likely come out stronger in 2022, post Covid19 struggle

That we are facing a crisis of the gravest proportions in recorded history is beyond doubt, and our healthcare, economic and societal systems are...
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Why There Is Need For Contactless Healthcare Solutions In A Post-Outbreak Economy

also published at https://inc42.com/resources/need-for-contactless-healthcare-solutions-in-a-post-outbreak-economy/ The current financial year has begun with an unforeseen challenge. While the whole world is busy fighting the Covid-19 situation,...
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Silver Linings of this Dark Cloud: What Good Is Emerging From this Pandemic

The year 2020 began with the world getting afflicted with a pandemic so unyielding that even after four gruelling months of advanced research (all...
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Future of The Greenbacks: Are the Dollar Days Over?

The US Dollar has enjoyed global dominance since it overtook British Pound post World War II as the globally accepted currency for international trade. While USD...
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