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Life, consciousness, evolution and oneness – A game?

Think for a moment about a time before we were born. Where were we? Now think ahead to a time after our death. Where...
4 min read

Over a year into Covid, how did we do?

Over a year ago in March, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 epidemic had become so widespread that they constituted a global pandemic....
4 min read

What if he we humans made some decisions differently? We maybe able to avoid some big problems of today.

Decision-making is an inevitable aspect of life whether done consciously or subconsciously. Even the big decisions where we think we are being logical, the...
6 min read

How NFTs Hype pushes forward crypto and blockchain communities’ “agenda”

A digital artwork sold at Christie’s auction for an eye popping $69m, we start imagining a huge party where the owner lavishly shows off...
4 min read

Splinternet – attempting to control the masses

Some countries are using this idea of “Splinternet” in which the government or the concerned authorities control the content of the internet.  So, the...
2 min read

Insights into hypes and myths of Bitcoin value rise

One of the biggest bankruptcy in history of modern financial world took place in September, 2008 when hundreds of business suits dressed employees left...
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