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How Failure Can Sometimes Be More Meaningful than Success: What We Can Learn From the Series Finale of Silicon Valley

The series finale of HBO’s Silicon Valley may have been considered underwhelming by some but the series left with some extremely relevant questions for...
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DAVOS – A Notorious Parallel Reality of Elitist Deliberation

Are you exasperated with nothing but #Davos2020 trending on your TV, newspapers and social media for the last few days? This annual summit of the World...
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10 “Guaranteed Billion-Dollar Startup Ideas” for Sustainability in 2020s

The decade that went by brought in a host of economic trends and one which really shook things around (mostly for the better) was...
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Changes I Wish to See in the World in the New Decade

The last decade left with some massive loose ends and several critical questions staring humanity in the face. While there may have been some...
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Libra Demystified

Facebook is launching its cryptocurrency – the Libra. And China has announced elections. Sounds incongruous? When a corporation known as the embodiment of control...
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