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Raising human morals while dealing with COVID-19

The latest challenge that Humanity is facing is the unfortunate outbreak (and now a pandemic) of COVID-19 or coronavirus which has baffled the whole...
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Food Waste Management – How Badly the World Needs It

How many times did you have to throw away your food because you couldn’t eat it? I bet you don’t have the count. We...
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Carbon Footprint Tracking – Chasing the Carbon Trail & Hunting It Down

What comes to your mind when you hear about Climate Change and carbon footprints? News reports, Greta Thunberg, Paris Climate Agreement and maybe even...
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Taming the Shrew: Regulating Technology for a Better, Safer World

If you watch Black Mirror, you must have come across the episode ‘Nosedive’ where the protagonist’s obsession with her social ratings ultimately leads her...
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Changing Gears for a New Era: Why We Need to Switch to Green Energy Sooner!!!

Changing Gears for a New Era: Why We Need to Switch to Green Energy Sooner Electric cars, Segway, hoverboards and reusable rockets, these are...
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How Failure Can Sometimes Be More Meaningful than Success: What We Can Learn From the Series Finale of Silicon Valley

The series finale of HBO’s Silicon Valley may have been considered underwhelming by some but the series left with some extremely relevant questions for...
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