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Covid19 crisis: Why we need to shift from paper to digital currency?

PS: this blog was first published at this link https://ibsintelligence.com/blog/covid19-crisis-need-more-digital-currency-reasons/ The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most complex crises of modern times. What...
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Why should we not borrow/print money to revive the economy post Covid-19 crisis

Most human babies grow from ~20 inches at birth to around 5-7 feet by the time they are 20 years old or so, and...
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We are in the Middle of World War 3 – That Russia & China Are Winning

Disclaimer: This is a conspiracy theory-based article. Some parts are factually true while some others are extrapolations with an overlay of a possible logical...
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Could This Be The Best Time to Plan/Implement Universal Basic Income

For the past couple of months, the world has been dealing with an unprecedented crisis with an impact so extensive that governments across the...
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Resetting Humanity – Post Coronavirus Crisis

We, Homo Sapiens, are considered as the most intelligent of all species existing on the planet – highly evolved, creative and capable of building...
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Raising human morals while dealing with COVID-19

The latest challenge that Humanity is facing is the unfortunate outbreak (and now a pandemic) of COVID-19 or coronavirus which has baffled the whole...
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