How did Hashcove brand itself

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How did Hashcove brand itself
The name ‘HASHCOVE‘ stands for a small body of Hash Functions / Values. And hash values are a crucial part of the BlockChain.

– Most people we see in this space, come up with something related to Block or Chain. In a survey of 300+ companies:
20 have Block in their name.
21 have Chain in their name.
01 has Hash in their name (HashRabbit).
00 have Cove in their name.

– To stand out, we prefer something which is different from the norm – we are coming up with an imaginative solution, and shouldn’t be aligned with what everyone is doing.

– Consider SEO friendly too. Because there is no competition. (Just like Ethereum)

Brand / logo
The name HASHCOVE stands for a small body of Hash functions / Values.
The app suite of HASHCOVE is the only Blockchain Solution that creates values across diverse industries and processes.

The primary shape of the insignia is that of a cove. A Cove is a small circular or oval type of bays or coastal inlet, with narrow, restricted entrances. This shape of the cove represnts the open and public nature of technology and the brand.

The cove has been split into 8 equally distant segments. This represents:
– Blockchain as a distributed / decentralized network of blocks;
– 2 to the power of 8 is 256, which is the number of bytes in the output of a hash function;
– A system of 1’s and 0’s, which represents Hash functions as pieces of code – represented in machine language by a 0 (absence) or 1 (presence);

The number 8 puts the emphasis in the areas of career, business, finances and authority. It is practical, realistic and intelligent.

Colours in the insignia speak for the diversity of industries and processes the brand caters to and the several apps in their suite.
Bright Red – Powerful, Courageous, Adventurous, Dynamic
Bright Yellow – Innovative, Awareness, Illuminating
Dark Green – Trustworthy, Reliable, Money
Turquoise – Gemstone, Oceans, Infinity
Teal – Sophisticated, Confident
Sky Blue – Dependable, Trust, Expansive, Open, Infinity, Transcendent
Deep Blue – Credible, Authoritative, Strong, Reliable, Loyal, Service, Professional
Charcoal Grey – Accountable, Professional, Sophisticated, Solid, Business-like, Staunch

Genius is a clean, geometric typeface with great legibility and modern look, created by Ceyhun Birinci.

PS: thanks to yellow cursor team in helping out in this process.

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