Education, the weapon of mass restoration

A lack of education can be marked as a root cause of most challenges that deteriorate the quality of living on the planet. It...
3 min read

Walmart Flipkart deal – Real winner is Amazon

Lets briefly examine the good, bad and ugly parts of the deal, for various stakeholders Good for Flipkart employees, shareholders, and investors will get...
41 sec read

Let’s talk TRASH

Aren’t all of us guilty of using plastic in some way or the other. It has become such an indispensable part of our lives...
4 min read

When to give up in a startup – evaluate…

Most entrepreneurs face several uphill challenges for years, before potentially transforming their startup into a sustainable business. And if the external factors favor, they...
1 min read

Human perception of “Value” and “Free Internet Platforms”

Is there a free lunch, ever? We humans value something higher if it’s expensive / limited, & lower if its free / unlimited; rather...
2 min read