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Root of Sub-Prime/Credit Crisis of 2008

  What caused the sub-prime problem will be discussed and debated for long time. Many blame the Sub-Prime crisis upon Greedy Wall Street Investment...
6 min read

How does an Investment Bank differ from a Retail…

  A bank is a financial institution with the purpose of lending and borrowing money. Retail banks are banks with retail customers (most individuals...
1 min read

What is Investment Banking?

  What is the role of an Investment Bank? Different Investment Banks would have a variant of the following generic business structure. Investment Banks...
3 min read

Role of the CEO in a Start-up

  If you are one of the main founders of a company, you may become the CEO. It is always a good position to...
4 min read

Co-founders in a Start-up

  If you are the first person to think of an idea and truly feel passionate about executing it, you may chose to bring...
2 min read