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Libra Demystified

Facebook is launching its cryptocurrency – the Libra. And China has announced elections. Sounds incongruous? When a corporation known as the embodiment of control...
6 min read

Why has Blockchain not disrupted the world yet

Given its potential and arguable Bitcoin success as global digital virtual currency, why did Blockchain not disrupt the world yet 1. ICOs gave early...
4 min read

Understanding and Solving Air Pollution (thats causing millions of…

India boasts of a staggering statistic. At least 1.6 million Indians die each year due to complications arising from air pollution. Air pollution increases...
11 min read

Book release and review – Squaring the Blockchain circle

Squaring the Blockchain circle (Nov 2018) The hype-fog surrounding the blockchain and its offspring cryptocurrencies is peaking, and this book slices through it. Is...
7 min read

Steroids funding for startups – beware of the risks

Start-ups Riding High on Steroid Funding Over the last decade or so, start-ups have been riding the high wave of steroid funding. With troves...
3 min read