Resetting Humanity – Post Coronavirus Crisis

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Humanity Post COVID19

We, Homo Sapiens, are considered as the most intelligent of all species existing on the planet – highly evolved, creative and capable of building massive civilizations. But all it took to turn the great Homo Sapien into ‘puny human’ is – a virus. The coronavirus pandemic has brought humans to their knees. Even the most advanced, richest and nuclear superpower are almost equally vulnerable. Almost all of us are plagued with anxiety, fear and hopelessness as we stay socially distant and work from home. This crisis can last for months to quarters (until we find an acceptable cure) and has the power to reset humanity. Using this time for introspection, let’s see how humanity may change for the better.

1. Valuing Humanity Over Money Money was invented to make barter more efficient. Money was always intended to be “a means to an end”; not something to love, admire and hoard. Hopefully, we can realize this and start valuing the true wealth of a person with his satisfaction, happiness, self-contentment, healthy relationships and aspirations

2. Not Taking Anything For Granted The current crisis shows that we might be financially very rich, but we cannot still fight this virus along and our money won’t change our ability to travel or access luxuries in lockdowns. We should not take “economic growth” and all the things we get for granted; they may or may not be available in the future. We should start living with 3 R s, reduce consumption, recycle as much as we can (avoid single use stuff), and reuse as far as possible. And, we must truly cherish everything as long as we get them.

3. Compassion Towards Other Living Beings – There is a school of thought; our responsibility in life is to help others. The bigger we are, the bigger is our responsibility. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and think about how we have been treating others around us including people who work for us, earn less than us, come from a different caste/class and even animals for that matter. Least we can do is try to take care of them and not just keep ‘using’ and/or disregarding them. Go vegan and stop hurting animals, environment and in turn yourself!

4. Live Life As You Want We should not worry too much about what others or society thinks of us. What anybody thinks of me is none of my business and who am I to judge anyone else. We have our own lives and journeys. Let’s follow them accordingly and not worry about comparisons and pretences.

5. Connect More With Ourselves, away from technology – A big issue we humans face is that we are too much immersed in social media, smartphones, online games and as a result we barely understand ourselves or each other. We should spend more time with ourselves and get to know our inner-self better and hopefully find our true destiny/purpose and follow that path. This will make us happier and content.

Stay safe and healthy.

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