Squaring the Blockchain Circle

Squaring the Blockchain Circle (2018)


A detailed critique of the blockchain ecosystem, Squaring the blockchain circle slices through the hype fog surrounding blockchain in detail. Through the book, the author deconstructs some of our existing social and philosophical constructs, such as how we trust each other and how we arrive at the truth and then record it.
Is the blockchain something revolutionary in scope? Absolutely. Will it all play out in line with the way the investment dollars are flowing? Not at all. Squaring the blockchain circle explains its evolution and potential, why all the centralized enterprise use cases will not work, and where would Blockchain and Cryptos work in the future.

As technology companies, uTrade and Hashcove have been at the forefront of developing solutions based on Blockchain for worldwide clients including consulting for governments of India. As the founder and CEO of uTrade and Hashcove, Kunal has been a part of the euphoria surrounding this technology, as well as be a student of its superb prowess

Divided into three parts, Part I of the book discusses the story of the origin of blockchain and its enormous success culminating in the ICO boom. The second part of the book highlights four specific and crucial aspects of blockchains — decentralization, trust and truth, security, and scalability — and zeroes in on what is feasible and probable as opposed to what is hyped and hoped. Part III exposes the fallacy of viewing every database application as a nail for the blockchain hammer. The grand vision of Web 3.0 of which the blockchain has already been declared the harbinger is unfolded at the end in “Web 3.0”.

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